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galvanized iron wire product rust prevention method

galvanized iron wire product rust prevention method

Iron products are common metal products in life. Iron products appear in every part of our lives, but the use of iron products has a big problem. Iron products will be rusted. Whenever rust occurs, it will affect the iron products. Use and appearance, then, how to prevent rust from iron products?

1plus non-metallic cage layer: clean, dry, and then coated with a layer of protective materials, such as engine oil, petrolatum, anti-rust grease, non-metallic compound plastic, paint, etc. (such as enameled wire)

2Electrochemical protection, there are two kinds, one is to connect a piece of metal slightly more vivid than it, such as the ship hull will be set with zinc block, that is, zinc is slightly more vivid than iron, can cover the iron before the iron corrosion, but need Regular additions. The second is to connect the negative pole of the power supply. For example, the steel river gate is often connected to the negative pole of the power supply and passes through the negative pole.

The methods include metal plating films such as electroplating, organic coatings such as paints, conversion layers such as blue or black, and new elements to change the metal structure.

1.Temporary rust prevention is to prevent the protective layer from completing its mission and removing it. The methods include: corrosion inhibitor, anti-rust oil, peelable compound plastic, dry air, vacuum, and the like.

2)Change the internal structure of the metal: Add stainless steel, nickel and other alloying elements to make stainless steel, but the alloy is not much, expensive, and difficult to produce.

Industrial rust prevention method:

Apply asphalt. Iron roof, coated with asphalt, can prevent rust

Metal plating: Some metal surfaces form a dense oxide film, which can be coated with a metal coating. Such as: white iron galvanized, tinplate tin, bicycle rims and some medical equipment are coated with chromium, nickel.we are provide galvanized iron wire,you can know it.

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