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Problems with galvanized wire

When galvanized iron wire is used, it will inevitably encounter some problems, but everyone knows how to deal with it when encountering some problems. This is very important. The following wire factory will introduce you briefly and give it to everyone. Popularize some of the problems you may encounter and hope to help everyone.

The duration of the galvanizing protection of the galvanized iron wire is highly dependent on the thickness of the coating. Generally, the thickness of the galvanized layer needs to be high in a relatively dry main gas and in indoor use, and in a relatively harsh environment. Therefore, the influence of the environment should be considered when selecting the thickness of the galvanized layer.

After passivation of the galvanized layer, a layer of bright and beautiful color passivation film can be formed, which can significantly improve the performance of the paddle decoration performance.

There are many kinds of galvanizing solutions, which can be divided into cyanide plating solution and cyanide-free plating liquid according to their properties. The cyanide galvanizing solution has good dispersing ability and covering ability, and the plating layer has smooth and fine crystal structure, simple operation, wide application range, and long-term use in production. However, because the plating solution contains highly toxic cyanide, the gas escaping during the electroplating process is harmful to workers' health. Its wastewater must be treated strictly before discharge.

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