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two process methods of zinc coating on iron wire are briefly introduced

The protective coating uses a large amount of zinc. At present, there are five processes for zinc coating of iron wire: hot dip galvanizing, electrogalvanizing, zinc galvanizing, zinc powder galvanizing, and mechanical galvanizing. At present, the first two methods are more commonly used, especially hot dip galvanizing is the most widely used.we are galvanized wire suppliers,you can know it.

one、Continuous hot dip galvanizing

A high aluminum zinc coating (55% Al, 45% Zn, a small amount of silicon) and a Galfan coating with a small amount of rare earth added to the Zn-5% Al alloy are a series of continuous coatings, which are widely used. In the case of corrosion resistance, high aluminum zinc coating is generally used (but its plasticity is poor); when plasticity is required, Galfan is selected. If surface quality is required and it is not required to be maintained for a long period of time, zinc plating is generally selected.

two、General electroplating

The most difficult to handle in general plating is silicon killed steel. Silicon killed steel incorporates silicon during the deoxidation process. This method of adding silicon has a certain influence on hot dip plating. Because the silicon content will affect the thickness, appearance quality and adhesion of the zinc coating of steel products, this is extremely important in the exploration of the potential market of zinc coating. It is currently being studied to add a small amount of nickel to the electroplated steel to eliminate the influence of silicon content. At present, the application of silicon killed steel in different countries is different, such as the United States is used less, in the United Kingdom is more common, France more.

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