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tensile performance of galvanized wire?

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The definition of tensile strength refers to the maximum tensile stress (that is, tensile failure load ÷ cross-sectional area) that the raw material can withstand before tensile fracture.

There are two indicators of yield strength, upper yielding and lower yielding. It is the process in which the stress does not increase and the deformation continues to occur during the stretching process. When the force value drops for the first time, the maximum stress is the yield strength; the yield strength is inevitably smaller than the tensile strength. value. Non-proportional extension strength: mainly for hard steel without yield point, the residual elongation of the gauge length is 0.2% of the length of the original gauge length is defined as the specified non-proportional extension strength; and the total extension strength is specified Stress at 0.5%. It is specified in the standard GB/T228.

Tensile strength of galvanized wire: 380-550 N/mm2, elongation: ≥15%.

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