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What is the use of galvanized iron wire?

What is the use of galvanized iron wire?

Galvanized wire is mainly used for wire bonding and wire mesh weaving in various industries.

Galvanized wire is used for wire bonding: the galvanized wire is processed into a buckle wire. Hook the two rings of the buckle with a hooked wire tool and tighten it in one direction. People often use buckled silk as a woven bag and sack seal or construction and daily binding.

galvanized iron wire is used in the wire mesh industry: galvanized wire can be processed into galvanized wire ginning mesh, galvanized wire welded wire mesh, galvanized wire hook flower net, galvanized wire diamond mesh, galvanized wire twisted wire mesh, galvanized Wire mesh, galvanized wire fence, galvanized wire mesh, galvanized wire slope protection mesh, galvanized wire cage mesh, galvanized wire hexagonal mesh, galvanized wire mesh, galvanized wire mesh, plated Zinc wire filter, galvanized wire mesh basket, galvanized wire mesh basket, galvanized wire process net, galvanized mesh sheet, etc.

Galvanized wire is a galvanized wire product made from high quality low carbon steel wire rod. Galvanized wire is divided into two types: hot-dip galvanized wire and electro-galvanized wire.

Production process: It is processed by high-quality low-carbon steel through drawing process, pickling and rust removal, high temperature annealing, hot galvanizing and cooling. Generally, the production process of galvanized wire is wire rod--large drawing--annealing---drawing--annealing--galvanizing.

Characteristics: galvanized iron wire has good toughness and elasticity. The highest zinc content can reach 300g/m2, with galvanized layer thickness and strong corrosion resistance.

Packing: shaft wire, cut wire, U-shaped wire, etc.

Application: Galvanized wire is widely used in construction, handicrafts, wire mesh, highway fences, product packaging and daily civil use.

Galvanized wire mesh: galvanized crimped wire mesh, galvanized welded wire mesh, galvanized chain link mesh, galvanized grilled mesh, galvanized steel wire mesh, galvanized wire mesh, galvanized mine mesh, galvanized mesh, galvanized diamond Net, galvanized filter, galvanized basket, galvanized basket and so on.

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