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Three precautions for galvanizing wire

First of all, when using galvanized iron wire, it is necessary to find the thickness, softness and hardness, the size and weight of the flower and the degree of softness. For the soft flower, the fine wire should be used, and the thick flower head and the thick stem should be thick wire.

Secondly, try not to reveal the traces of large-volume galvanized wire applications. The wire-wound flower stems should be wrapped with green rubber strips or brown rubber strips to block the traces of the wire. Finally, the wire shape can be used to raise the drooping flower head and reinforce the flower head. For plants with soft flowers such as herbs, The stem can be straightened.we are galvanized wire suppliers,you can know it.

Wire cutting method: If you want to cut the wire, you should cut the wire and then cut it. You can't bend the wire and cut it again. Otherwise, the wire is not straight, and it will bring a small hook, which will affect the use.

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