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The effect of bath temperature on galvanized iron wire?

The effect of bath temperature on galvanized iron wire?

The galvanized wire is processed by using low carbon steel wire rod and processed by drawing, pickling, rusting, high temperature annealing and cooling. Galvanized wire is widely used. What is the effect of bath temperature on galvanized wire?

The temperature of the galvanized wire should be controlled at 30-50 °C. Since the chloride ion in the plating solution is highly corrosive, a quartz glass heater is generally used.

Continuous heating does not require heating, but cooling is required. Cooling can be arranged in the thin-walled plastic pipe at the side of the tank, and it can be cooled by flowing tap water. Titanium pipe can also be used as a temperature control device.

The galvanized wire is stirred in the composite plating process to obtain a composite coating in which the particles are dispersed in the matrix metal. The stirring method includes mechanical stirring, air stirring, ultrasonic stirring, plating liquid circulation, and the like.we are provide galvanized iron wire and galvanized wire,you can know it.

The acid activation solution in the production process can remove the rust products and oxide film on the surface of the low carbon steel wire without excessive corrosion of the substrate. The galvanized wire may be treated with zincate galvanizing or chloride galvanizing, and suitable additives should be used to obtain the coating required for the low carbon steel wire standard. When the galvanized wire is light-plated, it should be light-treated. The temperature of the plating solution of the galvanized wire should be controlled.

Galvanized wire

The galvanized wire is made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire rod. It is made of high-quality low-carbon steel, which is processed by drawing, pickling and rust removal, high temperature annealing, hot-dip galvanizing and cooling. Galvanized wire is further divided into hot-dip galvanized wire and cold-galvanized wire (galvanized wire).


Subject content and scope of application

This standard specifies the technical requirements, test methods and inspection rules for hot dip galvanizing of steel.

This standard is applicable to steel structures made of carbon structural steel, steel pipe assembly pipes, welded or welded pipe fittings, hot-dip galvanized layers of containers and batch-processed steel parts and similar products. The steel pipe is galvanized and anti-corrosive.

Galvanized wire can be divided according to its use:

The wire for building bundling is 22# (0.71mm), the price is low, its characteristics are flexible and not easy to break. It is one of the most ideal wire binding in the construction industry, mainly using low-zinc cold-plated wire. Mainly used low-zinc cold-plated wire.we are provide galvanized iron wire and galvanized wire,you can know it.

Galvanized wire

Handicraft iron wire, using a special processing of a line, no broken ends, the amount of zinc on the uniform and bright, the general price is slightly more expensive.

The galvanized wire also includes the sprinkling line: the weight of each plate is about 100 kg-1000 kg per roll, which is mainly suitable for industrial, agricultural and animal husbandry.

Tensile strength and calculation method of galvanized wire

Wire cross-sectional area = square of diameter * 0.7854 mm2

Wire breaking force Newton (N) / cross-sectional area mm2 = strength MPa

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