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Steel bar binding method

Steel bar binding method:

The reinforced steel banding is to tie the intersection of the two steel bars with the wire. The method of tying varies according to local customs. The most common method is a one-way operation. The characteristics of the lashing method are: simple operation, high work efficiency, strong versatility, and relatively firm ties, suitable for tying the steel mesh and the various parts of the frame.

The procedure of the one-step operation method is to first bend the cut small strands in the middle by 180 degrees, and it is better to hold the left hand. When tying, the right hand draws a wire and bends the bend at 90 degrees. The left hand bends the part through the bottom of the steel bar, and the hand hooks the hook to hook the wire buckle. The index finger is pressed against the hook. The part, close to the open end of the wire, rotates 23 times clockwise to complete the binding of a node. In operation, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the bottom of the reinforcing wire is not too long, and is fastened with a wire hook, so that not only the buckle is fastened, but also the binding speed is fast.we are galvanized wire suppliers,you can know it.

When the reinforcing mesh and the frame are tied by one side, the thread of each point can not be followed in one direction and should be crossed. In this way, the reinforced mesh and frame of the ligature can be made good and not easily deformed. In addition to one-way buckle method, the steel bar binding method also has a cross flower buckle, an anti-cross buckle, a buckle, an anti-cross buckle, a sling, a wrap, and the like. These methods can be selected according to local customs and binding site requirements.

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