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Specific control requirements for processing temperature of galvanized iron wire

Galvanized iron wire has a wide range of applications,and its main processing methods are figure-eight,inverted figure-eight,cross,zigzag or reverse.Since the galvanized iron wire is soft,how to weld the wire when using galvanized iron wire?The wire manufacture will explain it to you in the next step:

First.the galvanized iron wire is placed in the cage size, and the upper and lower electrodes are pressed and heated by resistance spot welding to achieve the welding effect.Due to the instantaneous high current and low voltage welding,the nugget us locally formed at the electrode contact portion.This damages the wire galvanized layer less.The base material heat affected zone is also relatively small.we are galvanized wire suppliers,you can know it.

Galvanized iron wire is used in many places. Understand the welding method of galvanized iron wire, and the use of galvanized iron wire can be more perfectly displayed. It is known that there are requirements for welding galvanized iron wire, and the temperature of the galvanized iron wire is definitely required. The temperature of the galvanized iron wire is preferably controlled at 30 to 50 ° C. Since the chloride ion in the plating solution is highly corrosive, a quartz glass heater is generally used. Continuous heating does not require heating, but cooling is required. The cooling method can not only close the thin-walled plastic pipe at the side of the tank, but also use the flowing tap water for cooling, or use the titanium tube as a temperature control device.

The application of galvanized iron wire involves all aspects. Because of the addition of a layer of metal anti-rust material on the surface, it has always been the limelight in the wire industry.

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