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How to maintain and maintain galvanized iron wire?

How to maintain and maintain galvanized iron wire?

The surface is oiled so that all the wires in the strands are evenly coated with a layer of anti-rust grease. The ropes for mines with high friction and mineral water should be coated with black oil and oil with strong grinding resistance and water resistance; other uses It is coated with red oil and grease with strong film properties and good rust resistance, and it is required to have a thin oil layer to keep it clean during operation.

The galvanized wire coating is galvanized, aluminized, coated with nylon or plastic. The galvanized steel is further coated with a thin coating of steel wire and a thick coating of galvanized steel after drawing. 

The mechanical properties of the thick coating are lower than that of the smooth steel wire rope, and should be used in a severely corrosive environment.

Aluminized iron wire rope is more resistant to corrosion, wear and heat than galvanized iron wire rope. It is produced by first plating and then pulling. Nylon or plastic wire rope coated rope and coated strands. By maintaining and maintaining the galvanized wire, it can not only greatly extend its service life, but also improve its efficiency in daily use.

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