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How to distinguish the pros and cons of galvanized iron wire from the appearance

How to distinguish the pros and cons of galvanized iron wire from the appearance

The difference between the quality of galvanized iron wire products can be directly seen from the appearance. Since the most important production process of galvanized iron wire is galvanizing, the time for purchasing galvanized iron wire should be distinguished from the process, then the galvanized layer. The quality is directly visible.

The thickness of high-quality galvanized wire is required to be three to four millimeters. If the strength of zinc attached to the low-carbon steel wire is very poor, the galvanized wire is a defective galvanized wire. High-quality galvanized wire generally has a thick zinc layer attached to the outer surface of the wire. Therefore, in the process of purchasing the galvanized wire, it is only necessary to look at the thickness of the galvanized layer to substantially determine the quality of the galvanized wire. Not in line with product production specifications.

The coating of high-quality galvanized wire products is continuous and practically lubricated. There is no dripping or slag in the appearance of galvanized wire. The appearance of galvanized wire should be free of leakage plating and exposed iron. Touching scratches on plated parts and hangers and handling things, but not on iron. The coating of the galvanized wire must be uniform, and the galvanized layer should be etched five times without the use of copper sulfate solution.

For the specification of the adhesion of the galvanized wire coating, the zinc layer of the plated part should be combined with the base metal to have a satisfactory adhesion strength, and the hammering test does not fall and does not bulge. The application field of galvanized wire is very extensive. If the quality of the galvanized wire cannot be distinguished during the purchase process, it is very easy to buy the galvanized wire.

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