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Advantages of annealed wire

The black iron wire has very good elasticity and flexibility. It can control its hardness and hardness during the annealing process. It is made of high quality iron wire and is mainly used for binding wire and binding wire in the construction industry. The silk number is mainly 8#-22#, which is softer than ordinary black iron wire, softer and more flexible, uniform in softness and uniform in color.

The use of annealed wire is also very extensive. The weaving of barbed wire has the methods of pre-coding and post-plating, first plating and then knitting. After treatment, the wire mesh or steel wire mesh has good anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation characteristics, so it is used in other aspects. It can better play the role of annealed wire.we are provide galvanized iron wire,you can know it.

For example, in the construction, petroleum, chemical, aquaculture, garden protection, food processing and other industries of reinforcement, protection and insulation, etc., can play the elasticity and flexibility of the annealed wire.

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